April 30, 2016

40k State of the Game Survey

Found this online today very interesting reading.  Its a bit light on details about the methodology so as an academic I'm not entirely trusting of the results - the sample size isn't that great for example and participant self-selection tends to skew results - but its still extremely interesting nonetheless. Now just imagine for a minute if GW did something like this or even just paid attention to it.  You can get the results and access to the full report here.

Some of the findings are what you would expect e.g. spending habits but there are a couple of interesting ones:

  • Advertising responsible for 5% of players getting into the game, but zero players with less than 5 years experience.
  • Hobby stores ability to get new players into the game has been declining.
  • Older gamers spend the most money, not new players.
  • 50% of all spending is done online
  • 91% of respondants play 40k video games which is notable only for what it says about the respondants in the survey sample.  I would suggest that this figure would be significantly lower across the 40k population as a whole.  The 91% reflective of this being an internet survey.
  • 64% of players use non-GW paints, but not necessarily exclusively.
  • A majority play now defunct games such as WHFB & Mordheim, only 21% play Age of Suckmar most within the new gamer bracket.
  • No one seems to like GW much outside of their fluff and miniatures.
And finally surprise surprise Eldar are the best of Chaos the worst (+ Sisters) armies.

April 29, 2016

WIP - Blood Thirster of Insensate Rage

Making progress on this guy.  Base coats and first wash done.  Started doing highlights/layers on selected areas starting with the chest area.

KD Blood Host - Holy Crap D Bloodthirsters are fun!!!

Last two games of our local summer league last night up against a Grey Knight Psyker we hate Daemons list and a "Look everyone has a melta and massive flamers" Salamanders list.  For both games I was using the Blood Host I'm planning on taking to Maelstrom which included my recently assembled Bloodthirster of Insenate Rage.  Details are a little hazy due to lack of sleep recently so I'll just post pictures to tell the story.  Either way both games were complete blood baths, and boy oh boy are D Weapon Bloodthirsters fun in combat....
He hit me first with Force if I failed I died - I hit him 2nd with D if he failed he'd die... ummmm
As you can probably tell from the Blood Thirster I've started the painting process.  Base coats and initial washes have been done and the basing is largely complete as well. Just layers and highlighting left should be done in a couple of days.

April 26, 2016

Online X-Wing simulator

Thanks to one of the New Zealand X-Wing Facebook groups I'm in I came across this really good online X-Wing simulator last week - Squad Benchmark  It allows you to build lists for all the factions and fly them against other opponents either human (on the same PC I think haven't explored that option yet) and more importantly a computer AI version.  You can build your own lists and those of your opponent or pre-select from a range of lists provided by the site.  These lists include Top 10 lists I assume based on those found in actual competitions.

The game screen - map in the middle, team rosters to either side.
Simple controls for picking actions & making attacks etc
The sites easy to use the game mechanics all work reasonably well and it's a lot of fun to play.  I've spent most of my time on it the last few days practicing against some of the form popular Top 10 lists of the last 12-18 months e.g. Y-Wing TLT horde & the Bro-Bots.  Some mechanisms don't quite work so you can't for example deliberately fly your ship into an asteroid which is quite useful at times, take back bad moves (which would be useful for a site thats about play testing lists), and the scale of the map isn't perfect so I've flown a few ships off the edge because its not quite right.

Combats easy - you have the option of accepting the random dice rolls or "cheating" and changing the results

But if you can't find an opponent for the table for a game have a few on the site it works and its a good way to pass the time.  If your an X-Wing player/fan check it out...

Age of Sigmar getting points now?!

It appears that GW has "listened" to the public and decided to modify Age of Suckmar for competitive play by returning to a points based system.

Nice idea but it's 12 months too late for me and the local community which was gutted by the death of 8th Ed WHFB. Points are nice but it's not going to get me playing the game, it won't restore the local tournament scene and it won't reunite a Fantasy community that has fractured into several camps only one of which (KoW) in my opinion has the critical mass to be nationally sustainable.

Those camps btw are (1) AoS players (2) 8th Ed players (3) 9th Ed (4) KoW and (5) guys like me who've quit fantasy altogether.  Good luck getting them back together especially guys like me after spending a year sucking all of the enthusiasm and enjoyment I once had for the game out of me.

Now if they adjusted their pricing then I'd believe they were listening to people