September 2, 2015

Double Shuttle vs. Twin Laser Turrets

First games for a couple of weeks last night against Jeff's latest Wave 7 acquisitions.  Some very nice looking ships and a couple of very well put together and well played lists.  Bosk's movement dial is just crazy and Twin Laser Turrets are incredibly nasty especially against Big Ships against whom they are almost certain to score 2 hits a round.

Who says Shuttles can't dogfight?
 Double Shuttle was kind of cool except I kept flying one into an Asteroid every round and those Twin Turrets just killed them horribly quick

August 26, 2015

Gal Vorbak on their way

Thanks to Pete Dunn over at Fields of Blood these lovely guys are turning up with free postage sometime soon.  Will make a nice addition to my Word Bearers collection either as Possessed or Unit Champions.

August 22, 2015

X-Wing Repaint: Lambda Shuttle

Latest addition to the repainted X-Wing ship collection is my Lambda Shuttle (only have 1 for the moment but another one is coming soon).  Decided to stick with the Red/Blue theme a scheme I'm going to apply to all of my ships with the odd Elite pilot getting their ship painted in Green.  Final paint job turned out a lot better than I thought and all of the ships have been given a coat of GW Purity Seal to keep the paint job intact.  Colours and painting process used on the Shuttle were:

Step 1 - Base of GW Mephiston Red
Step 2 - Wash with GW Nightshade (not as dark as Nuln Oil and I like the results better)
Step 3 - Layer with GW Mephiston Red
Step 4 - Highlight with GW Red Gore
Step 5 - Highlight with GW Wazadaka Red
Step 6 - Highlight with GW Wild Rider Red

Step 1 - Base with GW Mordian Blue
Step 2 - Wash with GW Nightshade
Step 3 - Layer with GW Mordian Blue
Step 4 - Highlight with 70:30 GW Mordian Blue/GW White
Step 5 - Highlight with Vallejo Game Colour Azul Electric Blue

August 20, 2015

X-Wing Repaints: Tie Swarm

Finished first batch of repainted Tie Fighters last night.  My idea for a flying circus theme went out the window as my paint collection is depressingly small at the moment.  Consequently I opted for a simple red+blue palette for all of the ships simply alternating the layout and pattern of those colours across each one.  This should hopefully create a consistent theme but still give each ship a dose of personality.  And following on from my Soontir Fel being Green I opted to paint at least 1 Tie Fighter the same colour using it as the sign of an Elite Pilot.

August 17, 2015

X-Wing at CTA: the 100pt event

Took a slightly different list to what I had intended to a few weeks ago into Day 1 of Call to Arms running with a list I call the '2.5 Amigos' consisting of:

  • Soontir Fel w. PTL, Shield, Stealth
  • Turr Phennir w. VI, Shield, Stealth
  • Omicron Pilot w. EU, Ion Cannon, Tactician
Overall, it worked pretty well except and suffered principally from poor decision making and bad dice rather than any inherent weaknesses in the list itself.  The Ion Cannon proved to be a big bonus and actually paid off extremely well something it hasn't done in many friendly games for me.

Game 1 and my first ever against a Donut which turns out is scarily agile
Got lucky early on when I managed to kill the B-Wing in the first round of shooting.  Also managed to Ion a big ship for the first time sending it into an Asteroid.... but then the Donut hit back and took down Soontir with Turr following soon after