August 3, 2015

Call to Arms X-Wing Lists

Been doing some juggling with various lists and decided I'm going to go with something fun rather than competitive for Call to Arms in a couple of weeks.  Quite frankly I find the meta and cookie cutter net lists kind of dull and I prefer (in X-Wing) the idea of taking lots of ships.  For both days I also want to get my Firespray onto the table mainly because I painted it and it looks cool and the Shuttle if I can because I think its awesome.  For both days I am also going to max out my points rather than leave the 1-2 pt initiative grab, just because...

Day 1 - 100pt Squadron
Not as good as Scum Kath but still Ok and Engine upgrades on big ships are just silly
My new favourite interceptor after Regionals - sorry Soontir but you just don't cut it anymore
& because I had 24 points left why not take 2 of these guys

August 2, 2015

Chaos Terminator Lord & Word Bearers WIP

Thanks to a load of bits from a couple of club mates bitz boxes (Jeff & John G) I've managed to finish adding the final touches to several of my Word Bearers.  Getting particular attention were the Aspiring Champions for each unit and my Terminator Lord who I decided to modify and add a few bits too.

 I want all of my Aspiring Champions and characters to stand out from normal rank and file.  Horned Helmets are the easiest way of doing that so I chopped my original head choice of my Lord and added the horned one in its place.  I'd also given him a Lightning Claw which looked cool but doesn't work game wise so I chopped that of and replaced it with the Bolter w. a skull added for a bit of ick.
A dead Ultramarine is a good Ultramarine so adding one seemed like a good idea.
The little Daemon?? figure seemed cool so I decided to add it along with a few more skulls and some severed hands
Word Bearers need to carry the Word of Lorgar so my models are all covered with Oath Scrolls, Purity Seals and various parchments.  Champions and Characters get more plus Skulls from the various things they've killed.

Picture below is what the Lord looked like before I added all the bits to him

What the Lord looked like before I modified him

With the Lord and 15 CSM finished its onto the next projects in my Word Bearers army.  From left to right in the last picture we've got 10 Blood Letters, my 10 MkII Raptors whose bases I'm redoing, a couple of random CSM, 2 objective markers and 25 Cultists.

Got lucky and won an auction on Trade Me that secured me the 20 Cultists from the Dark Vengeance set which include a wide range of poses not included in the basic GW 5 model set.

July 29, 2015

Word Bearers vs. Daemons of Khorne

A XVII Legion host battle a horde of Daemons for possession of a sacred Chaos Icon

Warriors of the XVII host deploy ready for battle - Cultists, Tactical Marines, Raptors, a Hellbrute and their Lord in his Terminator armour armed with the Axe of Blind Fury.  The Icon is the other side of the ruined battle in the middle of the field
Units of the Daemon army deploy including a number of large warmachine constructs - the enemy force seems strangely small???

July 28, 2015

X Wing Regionals post-event list ideas

My 100pt list for the Wellington regionals reflected a list I like to play (multiple interceptors) balanced out with a nod toward the prevailing large ship meta (autothrusters) in terms of how it worked over the event a couple of things stood out.

As usual following any tournament I've spent a fair bit of time looking over my list and considering how it could be improved and/or whether it should be continued with al-together.  Like most gamers I also go through the process of re-writing it mid-tournament....

July 27, 2015

X-Wing Regional's Report

Great days gaming at the Wellington X-Wing Regionals on Saturday, 27 competitors playing 5 rounds dominated by Interceptors and Decimators with (somewhat ironically) only a single X-Wing in sight.  First up thanks to Adam Baenre who came down from Auckland to organise the event and to all of the event sponsors (something other events would benefit from).

Round 1
vs. Jon Ryder
IG88, Boba Fett & Z95

First round against a Mangler Cannon equipped IG88 and Boba Fett with Gunner and Predator.  Jon used his combos really well particularly in his choice of the order in which he re-rolled and changed dice with focus.  

Unfortunately for me the game didn't go that well and established a pattern where I flew my Auto-thruster equipped Interceptors within Range 1 of enemy ships time and time again.  In Turn 2 I had all 3 of my guys lined up take out Boba Fett only for the dice Gods to turn on me.  In response Jon's Z95 took Soontir Fel off with a single Salvo and then the Mangler cannon started to chew through Carnor Jax.

 The game ended with my vainly trying to dodge around the board with Turr Phennir as all 3 of Jon's ships boxed me in.  Eventually we ended up as shown in the 2nd picture and I got munched 0-100.